Escape to Paradise with These 10 Jaw Dropping Waterfalls in Duluth MN!

Waterfalls in Duluth MN are a great place to visit. There are 134 registered and named waterfalls and cascades in Minnesota and who knows how many more that are not officially named. What came as a surprise to me is the fact that some of the Minnesota’s most beautiful waterfalls are located right in the city of Duluth. A short distance from this modern port city on the north coast of Lake Superior.

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

The city went to great efforts to leave much of its best natural features in big, well-maintained parks that include ancient trees, deep gorges, plenty of wildlife and some spectacular waterfalls. They built trails, bridges and visitors’ centers, but mostly left the parks as wild and unspoiled as possible to the delight of thousands of visitors.

The best waterfalls in Duluth MN are accessible, and happily visited by many, year-round. You can visit them any time of the year, but they are truly awe-inspiring when the rivers are swollen with snowmelt and the falls are wild and untamed.

Summer is the time when families from Duluth as well as tourists come to camp in the parks surrounding waterfalls to cool off from the city heat. In fall, they come for the brilliant foliage reflected in the waters and in winter to see waterfalls turning into lacy shimmering ice.

When visiting Duluth, I discovered that locals have a unique but very popular sport: waterfalling – visiting as many waterfalls as you can in one day or on a weekend. Many waterfalls are accessible by city busses or short hikes. Others are just a short drive away from the city’s bustle and noise.

Let’s do our own virtual waterfalling of the most beautiful waterfalls in Duluth MN and the surrounding area.

Best Waterfalls in Duluth MN – Right In The City


For a large urban center, Duluth has a surprising number of waterfalls that are accessible right from the city streets. They are all part of the big, beautifully maintained and protected parks.

1. Amity Creek Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Amity Creek Falls, located in Duluth, Minnesota, are a series of small waterfalls that are beautiful in the fall.

The confluence of Amity Creek and the Lester River may be found directly in the middle of Duluth, in the area known as Lester-Amity Park. Lester Park is traversed by Amity Creek, which travels in a direction that is nearly perpendicular to that of the Lester River.

Beginning at the park’s parking lot and proceeding in a northwesterly direction, a longer journey of around 1.5 miles will bring you to the lovely and narrow Amity Creek Falls. At the bottom of the falls is where the trail comes to an end. Take the steep but short route (it’s only a quarter of a mile) that goes up the hill after you pass the footbridge to get to the top side of the falls.

At the trailhead, there is a playground for children, as well as restrooms, drinking water, barbecue grills, and picnic tables.

2. Lester River Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Duluth, Minnesota’s Lester Amity Park features a waterfall.

Another beautiful waterfall, Lester River Falls can be seen in Lester-Amity Park, which is situated in the heart of Duluth, Minnesota, near the intersection of 61st Avenue East and Superior Street.Those who do not routinely stroll the trails at Lester Amity Park are in for a wonderful treat when they visit the park. This urban park is a hidden treasure; it is wild and has not been developed in any way. It is hard to realise that it is surrounded on all sides by residential and commercial structures.

The Lester River winds its way through the park, creating a picturesque waterfall with a height of twenty feet that is encircled by ferns, ancient majestic trees, and enormous round stones. The water mist and the surrounding vegetation provide welcome relief from the sweltering heat of summer, making this a favourite spot for family picnics.

To get to the falls, you have to cross the Superior Street bridge, which offers some beautiful vantage points for taking pictures. There is a path that runs parallel to the creek.You will be rewarded with a series of little waterfalls if you take the track that leads to the northeast. This trail will take you on a delightful trek through deep woodlands.

The springtime, when snowmelt causes raging rivers to rush through the park, is when Lester River Falls is at its most breathtaking. The trails range in length from 0.2 to roughly three miles and are very user-friendly.

3. Chester Creek Falls

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Chester Creek Park’s very own waterfall Duluth, Minnesota, US

Chester Creek Park is yet another gorgeous park in Duluth, and it is a popular weekend destination for people who want to get away from the heat of the summer and stretch their legs on one of the many hiking routes.There are pathways on both sides of the stream, which dips several times to generate beautiful waterfalls between Skyline Parkway and Fourth Street. The waterfalls are scenic and can be seen from both sides of the creek.

The trailhead can be found at the intersection of 14th Avenue East and 4th Street and provides visitors with a trail map in addition to information regarding the park. There is a strict ban on bicycle use.The brook offers a beautiful scenic view. As the creek makes its way into Lake Superior, a vertical rise of more than 260 feet over the course of one mile results in the formation of numerous waterfalls.

The majority of the creek’s pools are shallow, but there are a handful that are deeper. It is a lot of fun to hop from one large boulder to the next down the creek and among the stones. You can get from one side of the stream to the other by crossing the creek on one of the few bridges that are there. The paths are kid-friendly and ideal for outings with the whole family.

At the trailhead, you’ll discover a variety of amenities, including restrooms, drinking water, barbecue grills, picnic tables, and a children’s activity area.

4. Tischer Creek Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Tischer Creek Waterfall in Duluth MN during autumn

A mile-long valley is formed by Tischer Creek as it flows through lovely Congdon Park in the middle of Duluth, Minnesota, between Superior Street and 4th Street. This gorge is home to a succession of picturesque waterfalls. It is not as magnificent as some of the other waterfalls along the North shore, but it is simple to get to and a joy to visit throughout any season of the year.

There is a path that follows the creek all the way through the gorge, and there is another path that goes along the rim of the canyon. Due to the gorge’s rocky and wild appearance, you will have a hard time believing that you are in a municipal park.Beginning your journey at Superior Street and ascending the gorge route is the most efficient way to reach the waterfalls.

Because there is no parking lot at the park, you will need to leave your vehicle on Superior Street.There are a number of other stunning waterfalls that may be reached from Duluth by travelling a short distance along the northern coast of Lake Superior.

5. Swinging Bridge Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Stream or river running through Minnesota’s Jay Cooke State Park

The magnificent Swinging Bridge Falls may be found in Jay Cooke State Park, close to Carlton, about ten miles to the northwest of Duluth, Minnesota. The falls have a height of 12 feet.A short walk from the Visitors Center or the Rangers’ Station will bring you to the waterfall, which is more accurately described as a sequence of cascades. Oldenburg Point provides a view of the waterfalls, and it may be reached by parking farther up the road. At the Point, you’ll discover a building that houses the bathrooms as well as a picnic pavilion.

The pedestrian bridge that spans the St. Louis River and offers a beautiful view of the falls is responsible for giving the waterfalls its name. The bridge is a length of 220 feet.The suspension bridge has gigantic pylons that are made of reinforced concrete and are coated in stone. These pylons support the bridge’s superstructure. The power of the river causes the bridge to become damaged on occasion; as a result, it has needed to be rebuilt multiple times.

The park that encompasses the waterfalls is stunning to look at; it is covered in thick forests that are traversed by over fifty miles of hiking routes, one of which is the paved Willard Munger State Trail. It is feasible to go all the way down to the river during the summer when the water level is low enough, and then you can cool down your feet by dipping them in the river.

6. Gooseberry Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

On Minnesota State Highway 61, Gooseberry Falls State Park may be reached from Duluth in approximately 40 minutes. Because the park contains five waterfalls, of which four are visible from Highway 61, the trip there is well worth the time spent in the automobile.

The trailhead is a short distance away from the parking lot, so park your vehicle at the visitor centre and take advantage of the easy hike. There is no need to purchase a park sticker.Even in the height of winter, the park is always packed with tourists from different parts of the country who have travelled there to view the breathtaking waterfalls. When the falls are surrounded by stunning fall foliage, the autumn season is often considered to be the best and most popular time to see them.

7. Devil’s Kettle Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Devil’s Kettle Falls is Minnesota’s most intriguing and unique waterfall. It may be found on the Brule River in Judge C.R. Magney State Park, approximately 128 miles north of Duluth and 20 minutes northwest of Grand Marais, Minnesota, up highway 61.

North Shore, Minnesota is home to the Devil’s Kettle Waterfall.

Around a large rhyolite boulder, the river forks into two separate channels. As it travels downstream, the eastern flow creates a waterfall consisting of two steps that is fifty feet tall. The western flow travels downward for ten feet before falling into a hole and continuing its journey below. Many people’s theories and current research are focused on attempting to explain where it goes. It is also the primary reason why there are so many individuals who go to this enigmatic location.

There are three waterfalls along the section of the Brule River that passes through Judge Magney Park. Lower Falls, which is located before the mouth of Gauthier Creek and descends seven feet, Upper Falls, which drops 25 feet, and Devil’s Kettle Falls are the names of these waterfalls. The lower portion of the park is the only component that has been developed. The terrain in the north is extremely difficult, and in some places it’s completely inaccessible.

The park features a restroom structure that is equipped with both showers and toilets, and the campground is only open during the summer months. There are trails for trekking that total nine miles in length. The Devil’s Kettle, Upper and Lower Falls, and approximately 200 stairs are located at the end of the challenging 1.1-mile walk that serves as the major hike.

Anglers frequent the Brule River in search of rainbow trout, brook trout, Chinook salmon, and pink salmon, all of which can be found in the river. Whitewater kayaking is another exciting activity that can be enjoyed on this river.

8. Cascade Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Northern Minnesota’s Cascade River State Park is home to a picturesque waterfall.

Drop Falls is a set of four waterfalls that may be found on the Cascade River in Cascade River State Park between the towns of Lutsen and Grand Marais. These waterfalls cascade for a quarter of a mile down a tight ravine before eventually emptying into Lake Superior.

The gorge is encircled by towering, centuries-old trees that, during the autumn months, explode in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, drawing crowds of tourists who are all vying for the finest photo opportunities.

The hikes that you can do through the park are not too difficult. You can visit further waterfalls further upstream by following the Superior Hiking Trail.


9. Hidden Falls – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

River winding its way through a deep gorge in Minnesota’s Temperance River State Park.

You may reach the Temperance River Gorge in Temperance River State Park on Minnesota’s North Shore between the towns of Schroeder and Lutsen by travelling north on Minnesota State Highway 61 for an hour and a half. It is well worth the travel to be able to enjoy not only the beautiful waterfalls but also to have a stroll along the beach on the lake, walk on the rim of the valley, climb down into the gorge, and even go swimming if you are daring enough.

Before entering Lake Superior, the Temperance River has cut a quarter of a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide winding and steep gorge. Hidden Falls are formed by the river at a section of the gorge that is both narrow and deep. These falls are difficult to perceive, and even more challenging to photograph.

You are able to pass from one side of the gorge to the other via the bridge that is located in the middle of the gorge. A number of intriguing potholes may be seen in the area just above Hidden Falls.

A campground, a network of hiking routes, and a number of fascinating rocks that are popular with rock climbers are all found within the park.

The Most Considerable of Minnesota’s Waterfalls

If you are in the area of Duluth and have a fascination with waterfalls, you will not want to pass up the opportunity to see the largest waterfall in the state of Minnesota. It is necessary to spend the weekend travelling to the Grand Portage State Park, which is located 150 miles away from Duluth, on the border of Minnesota and Ontario. Even though the trip is only around three hours long, it will stay in your memory forever.

10. High Falls on the Pigeon River – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

Waterfalls in Duluth MN

The Pigeon River plunges approximately 130 metres down into the gorge, creating the High Falls, which can be found in Grand Portage State Park. Although it is the largest waterfall in Minnesota, there is another fall on the river that is definitely worth seeing even though it is much smaller.

The distance between the High Falls overlook and the waterfalls is approximately 100 feet. If you are able to make it to the Wayswaugoing Bay Overlook, you should be sure to stop by the Grand Portage National Monument on your way back.

The park is home to a pleasant Visitors Center as well as a number of different picnic areas, the most of which offer views of the river.

Trails ranging from two to five kilometres in length can be found throughout the park. It comprises the 0.5-mile boardwalk that leads to the overlook of the High Falls as well as the 3.5-mile loop that winds its way through the forest to reach the Middle Falls. There are around four kilometres of hiking routes that can be used for winter hiking. There are additional routes for snowshoeing, making the park a popular destination throughout the year.

Conclusion – Waterfalls in Duluth MN

At any time of the year, the entire region that encompasses the north shore of Lake Superior is stunningly gorgeous. There are a number of waterfalls that are worth viewing, and each one of them is encircled by parks that are expertly managed and conserve these natural riches for future generations.

The bustling metropolitan life of Duluth, Minnesota, is encircled by some of the most beautiful parks and greatest waterfalls in the city, which provide an oasis of serenity and chance for exercise for the residents of the city as well as tourists visiting the city.

Enjoy the waterfalls that are located directly within the city if you are only in Duluth for a short amount of time. They only require a short and straightforward hike, but the scenery that they offer is stunning. If you spend enough time visiting some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Duluth, you are bound to catch the “waterfalling bug” and become curious about additional waterfalls in the surrounding area.

You will have memories that you will never forget whether you visit the falls in the spring, when they are a roaring force of nature full of melted snow, or in the fall, when the rainbow of colors reflects in the falling waters. Either time of year will leave you with memories that you will never forget.

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