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In this piece, I will explain what Midasbuy Pakistan is. And how can you get Pubg Uc using JazzCash or Easypaisa? Let me tell you more about it in the following paragraphs. Brendan Greene’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a world-class online battle game played by gamers all over the world. PUBG is a game that I and my classmates like playing. Because the free edition of this online battle game is so thrilling, many players opt for the paid version to save time and stress.

The official rate of UC (unknown currency) fluctuates with foreign currency exchange rates. The current active UC rates on the PKR currency, however, are listed below.



Pakistani Rupee PUBG UC
PKR 20 UC 7
PKR 75 UC 30+2
PKR 150 UC 60+3
PKR 750 UC 300+40
PKR 1,500 UC 600+90
PKR 3,900 UC 1500+375
PKR 7,900 UC 3000+1000
PKR 15,900 UC 6000+2400


Pakistan Midasbuy Pubg UC can be purchased with JazzCash and Easypaisa. Midasbuy Pakistan is popular online store where players may buy UC (unknown currency) in Pakistan. 
There are various possibilities for purchasing online currency, which we shall discuss in detail below. But first, I’ll inform you about the various options for making an online payment and obtaining UC.

In Pakistan, Where Can I Buy PUBG UC? Midasbuy

To purchase UC in Pakistan using the first method, JazzCash, please follow these guidelines to obtain an unknown currency and upgrade your player’s weapons and armor in order to gain more kills. The steps for purchasing UC via the JazzCash technique are outlined below.

  • Click here to open the Midasbuy Pakistan official website.
  • Now, in the first mandatory box, type in your “Player ID.”
  • Choose “JazzCash” as your payment method now.
  • You must “Select the Number of UC” that you wish to purchase online.
  • Finally, click the “Buy Now” button.
  • To agree to the terms and conditions, select “Agree Terms & Conditions.”
  • Select “Continue box” from the drop-down menu.
  • On the next page, fill out your information and pay online.
  • Congratulations! You’ve purchased PUBG UC from the internet.
  • Other payment options for Pakistani and international users are included on the page, including JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Telenor, and Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card.

Other payment options for Pakistani and international users are included on the page, including JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Telenor, and Credit Debit Prepaid Card.


Final Thoughts about Midasbuy Pakistan


In Pakistan, the game is highly popular, and the concept is intriguing. 
It was released on March 21, 2018, and has received lot of attention since then. 
However, if you’re one of the gamers who has ever had difficulty paying for your UC, the official website Midasbuy Pakistan is available to assist you. 
Midasbuy’s skilled team has been working tirelessly to make the process of paying UC as safe and secure as possible.
Online PUBG UC payments have become relatively simple thanks to the JazzCash, EasyPaisa, and Telenor online payment systems. 
As result, you may obtain the most UC for the least amount of money at the official UC (unknown currency) website, Midasbuy Pakistan.

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