Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 in 2023 (ATX, mATX, mini-ITX)

The motherboard is a central mode of communication between your computer devices; This is where all of your devices are plugged in together and communicate with each other.

The motherboard you are picking up for your gambling has an essential part in your PC construct’s functionality and quality.

Deciding on a sound and wealthy featuring motherboard won’t help you now, but besides, it prepares your PC for potential gaming and eliminates the requirement for future upgrades.

In this article, we are going to take a more in-depth look at the top 8 motherboards that cost less than $200 and are currently available on the market in 2023.

Motherboards are one of the most difficult components of a personal computer to purchase for.

It may not be difficult to find a motherboard that has a socket that is compatible with your CPU, but it can be difficult to find a motherboard that meets all of your other requirements, including providing a good value for the money you are willing to spend, and meeting all of your other requirements. This can be especially stressful when you consider the number of options that are available to you.

As a result, we made together a list of our favourite boards that cost less than $200 and analysed them specifically for you. You’ll be able to find the ideal motherboard for your build within the scope of this article, regardless of whether you’re working with an Intel or an AMD CPU or if you’re looking for a mATX, mini-ITX, or ATX board.

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A Round-Up of the Best Motherboards Available for Less Than $200 in 2023
You can get an overview of our picks for the eight best motherboards under $200 that are currently on the market by taking a look at the table that we’ve provided below. Simply click on the “review>>” link located in the appropriate row to read the entire review.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 200

In this article, we will record the very best gaming motherboard under 200 in 2023. There are numerous choices you’ve got for a gaming headset under 200.


1. ASUS ROG Strix B550-A Gaming – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200



Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 | Chipset: AMD B550 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 4.800 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 1x PCIe 4.0 x16, 1x PCIe 3.0 x16, 3x PCIe x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 6x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years

Our Rating: 9.8/10



The ROG Strix B550-A Gaming was created by Asus for competitive gamers who place equal importance on aesthetics and raw power in their hardware. As one could anticipate from a product manufactured by ROG, the motherboard possesses a high level of quality, possesses an excellent appearance, and performs well. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

However, because the motherboard is only compatible with DDR4 RAM and PCIe 4.0, you will have to renounce some of the immediate performance in return for greater flexibility in the event that you decide to upgrade your setup in the future. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

Because this is an ATX motherboard with an AM4 socket and AMD’s B550 chipset, it is compatible with a wide variety of Ryzen processors, including the Ryzen 5000 series. However, it is not compatible with the Ryzen 7000 series, which require a motherboard with the most recent AM5 socket to function properly. Additionally, given that it is an ATX board, it ought to be compatible with any conventional mid-tower chassis. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

This chipset is a considerable boost from the B450 type in that it comes with new PCIe 4.0 slots, one of which is designated specifically for M.2 drives, as well as updated PCIe 3.0 ones. Additionally, the speed of the network will increase. If you’re a gamer, the fact that the wired internet speed you have access to is increasing by a factor of 150% (from 1 Gigabit per second to 2.5 Gigabits per second) is probably not very exciting for you. Even more importantly, support for the most recent version of the Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6, is included. This more recent benchmark is a great deal more expedient than its predecessor. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

The transition from the B450 to the B550 is not particularly eye-catching, but it is unmistakable. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

The mother board is equipped with two M.2 slots, and it supports both CrossFire and SLI for a total of two graphics cards.

There are two spaces for lightning-fast solid state drives, six SATA connectors for your storage devices, a full-length PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, and a full-length PCIe 3.0 x16 slot on this motherboard. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

Even while the use of two graphics cards for gaming is not as common as it was a few years ago, this is still an excellent offer for individuals who work in editing, graphics design, or even mining bitcoin. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

ASUS outfitted the system’s back I/O with a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet connector so that users may more easily participate in online gaming. The assortment of connectivity choices includes separate audio jacks in addition to seven USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, an optical S/PDIF output for connecting a  digital mixer or other audio devices, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, and an optical S/PDIF output for connecting audio devices. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

A highly well-connected system that costs less than $200 can be found by looking for one that has high-speed USB ports, a multitude of expansion slots, and support for both quick SSDs and internet connectivity. In addition, the Flash BIOS button for the system may be found on the rear I/O panel of the system. This makes it easy to execute BIOS upgrades without booting into the operating system or the BIOS setup programme. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

We advise going with the ASUS ROG Strix B550-A Gaming if you want to construct a computer based on AMD but don’t want to spend more than $200 on it. It is of high quality construction, appealing to the eye (owing to certain RGB embellishments), and potent, as well as well connected. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

The one big drawback is that it does not have wireless Internet connectivity; however, given that the vast majority of gamers want a wired connection, this issue can be simply and inexpensively fixed. To put it another way, you will have a difficult time finding something of comparable quality for less than $200. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

Beginning our list with a few of the best gaming motherboards in town, ASRock brings a whole new range of scattering motherboards using 1151 pockets and a Z170 chipset. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

The newest ASRock Z170 Pro4 comes with an inscription of Pro4 that features the aid of the DDR4 RAM (newest memory). At precisely the exact same time, the other variants of the series encourage DDR3 memory.

If you’re building up a new PC o considering upgrading the memory, it’s far better to select the DDR4 memorycard. The DDR4 is significantly more efficient in a variety of ways, has greater frequencies, and has improved and improved performance, and there are a lot more benefits. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

This motherboard’s main highlight is the 2x large radiators set on the power supply circuit and a large radiator of the identical color on the host bridge. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

There’s also a decorative plastic cover with the peripheral’s connectors which ticks the requirements of glossy aesthetics and provides the motherboard’s attractiveness. The card also comes with a dedicated audio card line.

If you would like to join a video card, you can join them through 2x PCI-E Slots, a slot of M.two drive, and the textolite of this motherboard is painted black, then it could be thicker, but it looks nice.

It’s undoubtedly a good solution for people who are looking for the best motherboard under $200.


  • Value for money is superb.
  • Excellent overclocking support Backwards compatible with a wide range of AMD CPUs
  • Premium design with RGB colour coding
  • Excellent overall connectivity
  • Accepts high data transfer rates
  • Excellent audio solution
  • No Wi-Fi out of the box
  • Doesn’t support the latest CPUs and RAM modules



2. ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PLUS
”Best-Performing Motherboard Under $200” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200



Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 4.400 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 2x PCIe 4.0 x16, 3x PCIe x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 8x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years



Our Rating: 9.7/10


The ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus is the finest motherboard for performance-oriented AMD setups under $200 because it is the only X570 motherboard currently on the market.

When compared to the cheaper B550 chipset, the X570 is head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its support for more SATA ports and faster USB ports, as well as its provision of sixteen additional PCIe 4.0 lanes (which enable the use of dual NVMe SSDs operating at 4.0 speeds). Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 Furthermore, this motherboard features a robust power delivery, making it possible to connect and overclock even the most powerful CPUs.

Compatibility-wise, the board is featuring an ATX form factor, meaning it would suit any mid-tower chassis with ease. It comes with the AM4 socket for AMD CPUs and is compatible with AMD’s 2nd, 3rd, and 5th generation of processors. In addition, it can accommodate extremely potent processors as the Ryzen 9 5950X.

For your PCIe slots, you get two full-length PCIe 4.0 slots with compatibility for AMD’s CrossFireX, meaning you will be able to attach dual AMD cards to this motherboard. In addition, there are two PCI Express 4.0 x1 slots available for add-on components. That’s an average setup for X570 motherboards, but bear in mind that this one does the job for under $200.

Furthermore, this motherboard comes equipped with two M.2 slots for high-speed M.2 SSDs, and a stunning total of eight SATA connections for additional 2.5” or 3.5” drives. Both M.2 slots support PCIe 4.0 thanks to the X570 chipset, and all eight SATA ports can be used to set up enormous quantities of storage.  Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 In terms of storage, this board is amazing.

In contrast to competing boards in this price bracket, the rear I/O on this one is severely missing. While we enjoyed the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is only Wi-Fi 5 instead of the more contemporary Wi-Fi 6 standard, which will limit your connection speed.

We also weren’t very satisfied by the Gigabit Ethernet port and would have preferred to see a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port you get on most boards in the sub-$200 bracket. At this point, it becomes apparent that the board is an older model and therefore not up to par with current specifications.

Apart from the internet connectors, the back I/O connectivity is superb. There are a variety of ports available, including the traditional PS/2 combo, six USB 3.2 Type-A ports (four Gen 1, two Gen 2), one ultra-fast USB Type-C port (3.2 Gen 2), DisplayPort and HDMI ports, the aforementioned WiFi connectors, an Ethernet port, and your regular audio connectors.

Coming back to the front of the motherboard, ASUS added a total of six fan headers to accommodate a powerful cooling system, including a pump header if you decide on liquid cooling. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

If you own multiple ASUS RGB accessories and want them to function together, you can do so with this motherboard thanks to its compatibility with ASUS’s AURA SYNC software. In addition, ASUS has thoughtfully included three ARGB and RGB headers on the motherboard for use with your other RGB components.

All in all, the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PLUS is a great motherboard for performance-oriented systems and the only X570 option available for less than $200. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 The most cutting-edge central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and storage drives (HDDs) are all supported. WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 are included, however there’s just 1 Gigabit ethernet and no faster wireless options. The X570-Plus has the best performance-to-price ratio of any board here if the lack of PCIe support isn’t a dealbreaker.


  • Value for money is superb.
  • Only sub-$200 X570 motherboard on the market
  • The CPUs are compatible with a wide range of AMD versions (excluding the 7000 series)
  • Supports even the most resource-intensive CPUs without a hitch
  • Superb for overclockers
  • Consistently excellent build quality throughout.
  • Stellar help with disc storage
  • Multiple RGB and fan connectors.
  • Non-existent BIOS flash capability
  • Earlier forms of wireless technology (BT 5.0, WiFi 5)
  • Unfortunately, it's only 1 Gbps Ethernet (now, 2.5 Gbps is the norm).



3.MSI MAG B660M Mortar Wi-Fi
”Best mATX Motherboard Under $200” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200




Form Factor: mATX | Socket: LGA 1700 | Chipset: Intel B660 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 4.800 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 2x PCIe x16, 1x PCIe x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 6x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years

Our Rating: 9.7/10



It is built for first-time micro-ATX builders who want to strike a decent balance between cost and power, and the MSI MAG B660M Mortar Wi-Fi motherboard is the best mATX board that can be purchased for approximately $200.

This mATX board’s connectivity options and general performance are unparalleled for the cost, despite the fact that its silver-on-black aesthetic isn’t exactly something to write home about.

To be more specific, as compared to its primary rival, the TUF B660M, which we also evaluated, the Mortar possesses a feature set that is marginally more advanced. The sole advantages offered by the ASUS motherboard are the presence of a PCIe 5.0 slot (whereas this board only has a 4.0 slot) and the ability to accept faster RAM. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 This, however, does not result in any type of speed boost in real-world usage; the only potential negative is that PCIe 4.0 may become obsolete sooner than was originally anticipated.

I would like all of your attention to be focused on this board now that that business is out of the way. There are two full-length PCI Express slots included (4.0 and 3.0), with one of them reinforced to prevent GPU sag. Both slots have a full length. In addition to that, a PCI Express 3.0 x1 slot may be found in the middle of the two slots. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200In addition to the reinforced PCIe slot, the entire motherboard has a solid, high-quality feel and appears to be made to last. This is due to the fact that it appears to have been constructed with durable materials.

Memory can be increased up to the maximum of four DDR4 slots, which can carry a total of 128 GB of RAM working at speeds of up to 4800 MHz. Memory can be expanded to a maximum of 128 GB. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 It is true that the ASUS B660M motherboard offers slightly better support for RAM, with up to 5333 MHz, but anything with a speed of 4000 MHz or more is more than sufficient for gaming.

The B660M Mortar comes with two M.2 ports for your NVMe SSDs as well as six SATA connections for your 2.5″ and 3.5″ storage devices. Both of these components are included in the package. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200The vast majority of users won’t have any issue filling up all six SATA ports and both M.2 slots, which is about average for storage in this price range.

The same connectivity options are available on the back I/O panel of the ASUS B660M mother board. This computer is well-suited for online gaming over a wired network due to its ultra-fast USB Type-C connector, as well as its seven USB Type-A ports, two antenna connections for the built-in Wi-Fi, and its 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port. Additionally, this computer has an ultra-fast USB Type-C connector. In conclusion, in the unfortunate event that your GPU ever ceases functioning, you always have the option of using HDMI or DisplayPort as a backup.

Board-mounted RGB headers are compatible with MSI’s Dragon Center software, which allows you to synchronise and control the RGB components of your system. In terms of its capacity for cooling, the fact that this board does not have any fan headers, in contrast to the five that are found on the ASUS B660m board, is a huge letdown. To our great relief, the B660M Mortar incorporates an AiO pump header into its design.

Last but not least, the motherboard has a number of sizeable silver heatsinks that do an excellent job of keeping everything on the motherboard nice and cool. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200This is especially important for micro-ATX motherboards, as there is typically less room for airflow in a compact box than there is with standard ATX motherboards. Unfortunately, the motherboard itself does not have capability for RGB.

Our top recommendation is the MSI B660M Mortar since it is one of the best mATX boards currently on the market and costs approximately $200. It does not have the eye-catching RGB effects that are seen on more expensive models, but it more than makes up for this shortcoming with its improved connectivity, build quality, and performance. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200


  • Superb value for the cost
  • The micro-ATX form factor supports dual-GPU configurations because to its two full-length PCIe x16 expansion slots.
  • Superb configuration of memory and hard drive space
  • Superb craftsmanship
  • Both M.2 slots include dual heatsinks.
  • A number of RGB headers
  • Combining liquid and air cooling is supported.
  • Various inputs and outputs, including lightning-fast USB ports
  • Excellent online connections (WiFi 6, 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet)
  • No RGB
  • Only two fan headers
  • No PCIe 5.0 for your GPU



4. ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming
”Editor’s Pick” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200




Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 | Chipset: AMD B550 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 4.800 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 2x PCIe x16, 3x PCIe x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 6x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years



Our Rating: 9.7/10

Although the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Motherboard is more expensive than the maximum amount that we are permitted to spend, it is, in conjunction with the B550-A Gaming Motherboard from the same manufacturer, Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 the greatest alternative that can be purchased for less than $200. Since all boards are nearly identical but for a few cosmetic differences, the primary decision you will need to make is between the black and white colour schemes that are typically used.

Similar to the B550-A Gaming motherboard, this one also utilises the conventional ATX form size and an AM4 socket. This indicates that it is compatible with virtually all AMD processors, with the exception of AMD’s most recent 7000 series of central processing units (CPUs), which call for an AM5 socket to function properly. Already installed is the AMD B550 chipset, which was developed with the intention of providing high-end computing at a reasonable price. This turned out to be a fantastic strategy taking into consideration the extensive use of B550 boards.

There are two PCI Express (PCIe) x16 slots on the motherboard, one of which is PCIe 4.0 and reinforced specifically for your graphics card. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200The second slot on the motherboard is an ordinary PCIe x16 slot. Because of this, it is possible to play even the most powerful cards with this board without encountering any difficulties. In addition, you are free to instal whichever expansion cards you choose into any of the three accessible PCI Express 3.0 x1 slots on the motherboard.

It does support the fastest PCIe 4.0 discs on the market, but other than that, there is nothing particularly remarkable about it, especially considering the price. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 This particular motherboard contains two PCIe Gen 4.0 slots that are specifically designated for use with NVMe M.2 solid-state drives in the area designated for storage. The six SATA ports on this motherboard allow you to connect up to six hard discs with a size of either 3.5 inches or 2.5 inches (the exact number will depend on the amount of space available within your case).

In addition to the seven normal USB Type-A ports, there is also one ultra-fast USB Type-C connector located on the rear I/usual O of the device. This port can be used to attach external storage devices. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 On the back I/O, you’ll find the same selection of ports that are available everywhere. Additionally, the B550-F comes outfitted with a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet connector, which is the fastest Ethernet port available at this price point. In the event that you require the use of the monitor as a conduit for the connection of other screens, it has both a DisplayPort connector and an HDMI port.

Users who would rather connect wirelessly will be need to purchase a second Wi-Fi card that can be inserted into one of the ROG Strix’s PCIe 3.0 x1 expansion slots. This is due to the fact that the ROG Strix does not come equipped with a Wi-Fi adaptor that is built in.

This motherboard stands out from the crowd due to the greater design and build quality that it possesses in comparison to its rivals. Although we are not implying that other boards are of inferior quality, none of the dozens of motherboards that we have purchased from ROG have ever presented any kind of issue for us. This board is going to be a lot of fun for you if you appreciate building in a covert manner. It is entirely black, and there is plenty RGB lighting on both the I/O shield and the CPU. ASUS has developed specialised software for controlling the lighting in its products (Aura Sync).

Although this motherboard’s RGB headers and cooling support are quite impressive on their own, they truly come into their own when combined with Aura Sync. You have access to a wide range of RGB lighting effects because to the motherboard’s inclusion of four RGB headers, two of which are aRGB headers (with three pins each) (with four pins each). In terms of cooling, you will have access to five fan headers, one of which will be utilised for the fan of your CPU cooler, and one header for an AiO pump if you choose to go the route of liquid cooling. If you do not choose to go the liquid cooling route, you will only have access to the fan headers.

The more premium ROG Strix B550-F Gaming delivers, just like its more affordable brother, the ASUS ROG Strix B550-A Gaming, a one-of-a-kind collection of characteristics that are not available on any other motherboard that costs less than $200. Even though it only has slots for DDR4 memory, it supports the newest and most advanced graphics processing units, has room for up to two M.2 drives that are extremely quick, rapid RAM (even though it only has slots for DDR4 memory), and a 2.5 Gigabit ethernet socket that can be used to connect to the internet. The sole problem that we have with it is that it does not have WiFi, which is an important feature for a motherboard that costs over $200.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Excellent for overclocking (even the Ryzen 9s)
  • The great majority of AMD CPUs are compatible (excluding the 7000 series)
  • The RGB lighting complements the elegant ROG design.
  • An abundance of RGB and fan headers
  • PCIe slot reinforcement for your GPU
  • High-quality building
  • 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet is really fast.
  • Ample I/O options, including a Type-C port
  • No WiFi
  • Similar pricing to some of the X570 boards
  • Doesn’t support the latest CPUs or RAM


”Best mATX Runner-up” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200




Form Factor: mATX | Socket: LGA 1700 | Chipset: Intel B660 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 5.333 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 1x PCIe 5.0 x16, 1x PCIe 3.0 x16, 1x PCIe 4.0 x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 4x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years



Our Rating: 9.6/10

Another excellent mATX motherboard that can be had for less than $200 is ASUS’s TUF Gaming B660M-Plus, which can be found on their website. You will, however, need to be willing to forsake the fancy design and RGB lighting featured on the more popular ROG motherboards in order to accomplish this goal (also from ASUS). Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200This motherboard, despite its small size, has better connectivity than even some of the larger ATX versions, and because it is a member of the TUF family, you know that you can expect outstanding quality at a price point that is more reasonable. Despite its small size, this motherboard has better connectivity than even some of the larger ATX versions.

Additionally, the more recent Intel B660 chipset and the LGA1700 socket provide you with ultra-fast USB ports, updated DIMM slots that allow for overclocking up to 5333 MHz (although only with DDR4), and a full-length PCIe 5.0 slot for your GPU. However, overclocking is only possible with DDR4 memory modules. When compared to earlier generations of chipsets, Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200this represents a substantial advancement. You are able to equip the motherboard with the most modern and powerful central processing units (CPUs) that are available on the market because it is compatible with processors from both the 12th generation and the newest 13th generation of Intel’s processors. This is the component of the motherboard that is the most important.

When it comes to the connectivity on the front of the board, the TUF B660M-Plus features a steel-reinforced full-length PCIe 5.0 x16 slot. This enables you to add bigger graphics cards without putting an excessive amount of strain on the PCIe slot,Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 which enables you to add more of them. In addition to this, you are offered two additional PCIe slots for your expansion cards, one of which is a full-length PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, and the other of which is a PCIe 4.0 x1 slot, which is the typical layout for mATX motherboards. Both of these slots are compatible with the latest versions of the PCI Express standard.

The support for random access memory (RAM) that is provided by this motherboard is of the greatest calibre, as was mentioned previously. You will have access to four DIMM slots, which indicates that you will be able to load the motherboard with up to 128 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM operating at speeds of up to 5.333 gigahertz. The maximum amount of RAM that can be loaded onto the motherboard is limited only by the amount of available space on the motherboard. However, due to the fact that this particular motherboard only supports DDR4 memory, it is not nearly as interesting as it would be if it supported DDR5 memory. This is the most you will be able to get out of any motherboard that falls inside this price range. Having said that, if you plan to improve the speed of your RAM by overclocking, then selecting this motherboard would be the best option for you to take into consideration in that regard.

In terms of storage, there are two M.2 SSD slots, each of which can take two very fast NVMe drives. However, only one of the slots comes with a heatsink included in the package. Although this is not a significant problem, Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200it is important to note out that the MSI B660M Mortar (which is basically the same motherboard for the same price) comes with two heatsinks for each of the M.2 slots that are included in the package. These heatsinks are included in the package as well. There are only four SATA slots for 2.5″ and 3.5″ storage drives. However, the B660M Mortar offers superior storage support with its six SATA ports. There are only four SATA slots for 2.5″ and 3.5″ storage drives.

There is a decent quantity of connecting options available when glancing at the rear I/O panel of the device. These include a total of seven USB Type-A connections,Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 in addition to a single ultra-fast USB Type-C port, dedicated audio ports, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, as well as connectors for the integrated Wi-Fi 6 and a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port. In addition, there are a total of seven dedicated audio ports. When it comes to the various connectivity options that can be established, this micro-ATX builder’s kit does not lack anything at all.

Regarding the cooling system, there are two gigantic VRM heatsinks that work together to keep the temperature of the motherboard at an optimal level.Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 In addition, you will receive five fan headers for your fans in addition to an AIO pump header, giving you with outstanding support for liquid and air cooling, respectively. In addition to this, there is one RGB header that runs on 12V, and there are three addressable RGB headers that run on 5V, all of which are included to provide compatibility for the components that make use of RGB.

When it comes to mATX motherboards that cost less than $200, the only one that is better than the ASUS TUF Gaming B660M-Plus is the B660M Mortar that was manufactured by MSI. One of the best products currently available is the ASUS TUF Gaming B660M-Plus.Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200 You may get support for the most recent Intel processor (even the most recent 13th generation) for a price that is less than two hundred dollars, together with a large amount of fast RAM, PCIe 5.0 (GPU) and 4.0 (M.2) connectivity, and other features. In spite of the fact that it might not have an especially appealing appearance, the value it provides in terms of its performance is really high.


  • Excellent value for money performance
  • Compatible with the most recent Intel 13th-generation CPUs
  • Overall high quality construction
  • PCIe 5.0 and 4.0 support
  • Excellent internet possibilities (WiFi 6, 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet)
  • I/O is abundant, with speedy USB ports.
  • Air and liquid cooling are also supported.
  • Outstanding RAM setup
  • Strong heatsinks
  • Only four SATA ports (vs MSI's six)
  • There is just one heatsink for your M.2 SSDs.
  • Design that is tedious


6. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WI-FI
”Best Z490 Motherboard Under $200” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200




Form Factor: ATX | Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 4.800 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 2x PCIe 3.0 x16, 2x PCIe x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 6x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years




Our Rating: 9.5/10

With the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi, you will receive everything you require to construct high-end gaming system based on either the 10th or 11th generation of Intel processors, including the i9 series. This system can be constructed around either the i7 or i9 series. 
This gaming motherboard is optimised for usage with the Z490 chipset that was developed by Intel. 
Because it is such superb motherboard all around, we strongly recommend it to nearly everyone who is going to be putting together personal computer and has any intention of partaking in gaming or job that requires lot of manual labour. 
You will enjoy the high-Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200quality craftsmanship, the capacity to overclock, and the outstanding connectivity the most of anything else about the product.


Because it is equipped with an Intel LGA 1200 socket, the motherboard is compatible with both the 10th-generation and the 11th-generation of central processing units (CPUs) from Intel. This enables you to get the most out of the performance of whichever CPU generation you choose to use. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
The MPG Z490 features form factor that is compatible with ATX, and it offers you two full-length PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, one of which is reinforced to protect your graphics processor unit. In addition, the MPG Z490 has form factor that is compatible with the mATX standard (GPU).Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
Regrettably, the board only supports PCIe 3.0 in terms of bandwidth, and it does not come with any expansion slots that are compatible with PCI Express 4.0 x16. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
PCIe 3.0 x16 is more than enough to get the most out of your graphics card; nevertheless, certain tests have shown that top-of-the-line GPUs have significantly better benchmarks when they are used with PCIe 4.0 rather than 3.0. This is because PCIe 4.0 is slightly faster than PCIe 3.0. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
This is the case despite the fact that PCIe 3.0 x16 connection is adequate.Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
Since you do not possess an RTX 4090 or 3090, the performance of your system will not be negatively impacted in the slightest if at all by this fact. 
PCIe, on the other hand, will lose its relevance great deal more rapidly. Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
Keep this in mind because it is most certainly the board’s most major issue, particularly in light of the fact that there are number of other boards available with PCIe 4.0 that cost less than $200. Keep in mind that there are other boards available with PCIe 4.0 that cost less than $200.
Additionally, this motherboard is compatible with the more advanced DDR4 RAM memory; nonetheless, the performance of your computer will not be adversely affected in any way by the fact that it is compatible with this memory type. 
You will have the ability to instal as much as 128 gigabytes of RAM, and the maximum clock speed will be 4800 megahertz. This is on par with the more contemporary and powerful DDR5 modules (with overclocking).
When you go to the back I/O panel of the MPG Z490, you will discover PS/2 Combo port for configuring your keyboard and mouse, total of seven USB Type-A ports, and connector that is capable of super-fast data transfer using the USB Type-C standard. All of these features can be found in one convenient location. 
The installation of these high-Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200speed connections to the rear panel of any motherboard would be extremely beneficial to the functionality of that panel. 
Additionally, there are two antenna connectors for the built-in Wi-Fi 6, which is an outstanding addition to the device. 
In addition, there is 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port, which ensures that you will have access to high-speed internet connection regardless of whether you choose to connect via wired or wireless connection. This makes it possible for you to connect to the internet in variety of ways, including wirelessly or via wired connections.


The storage capabilities of this motherboard include two M.2 slots for your high-speed NVMe drives in addition to six SATA III ports for your storage drives. This configuration is one that is quite typical for device that is priced at this level. 
You purchase heatsink for one of your drives, which performs an excellent job of ensuring that your drive that contains the most important data stays nice and cool. 
This is just one of the numerous rewards that you will receive as result of making this purchase. 
Therefore, if you simply intend to use single NVMe drive, you won’t have to worry about anything right away because there won’t be anything for you to worry about.
This board does not have much to offer in terms of aesthetics, other than few small RGB lights on the board itself; however, it does have variety of RGB headers for you to put in if you so choose. 
You receive total of four RGB headers, two of which have three pins and the other two have four pins, so if you want to build colourful rig, this one won’t let you down. Two of the RGB headers have three pins, while the other two have four pins. 
In addition, the motherboard has outstanding support for both air and liquid cooling, with six 4-pin fan headers for your case fans and one 4 pin connector for water pump. These fan headers allow you to attach water pump to the motherboard. 
These fan headers as well as this connector can be found on the board.
When all factors are taken into account, the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi is one of the best ATX motherboards for 10th- and 11th-generation Intel CPUs that can be purchased for less than $200. This motherboard supports both 10th- and 11th-generation Intel processors. 
It offers amazing connectivity and great support for internet connection, including WiFi 6, and good power supply that can power even the beefiest Intel processors. 
In addition to that, it has WiFi connectivity. 
If you are looking for an ATX motherboard in this price bracket, the MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi from MSI should be at the top of your list of prospective purchases to consider making.


  • The greatest Z490 board for the money.
  • Easily supports Core i9 CPUs
  • Excellent overclocking support
  • With built-in WiFi, you have excellent internet connectivity.
  • Excellent assistance for cooling (even liquid)
  • Plenty of RGB headers for customization Rich I/O connections, including a high-speed Type-C port
  • Excellent RAM and storage arrangement
  • There are no PCIe 4.0 slots.
  • In this price bracket, there are better motherboards (in terms of both performance and aesthetics)


7. MSI MPG B560I Gaming Edge Wi-Fi
”Best Mini-ITX Option” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200




Form Factor: mini-ITX | Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel B560 | Memory Support: 2x DIMM DDR4, Up to 5.200 MHz (O.C), Max 64 GB | PCI-e Slots: 1x PCIe x16 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 4x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years



Our Rating: 9.5/10

The MSI MPG B560I Gaming Edge Wi-Fi motherboard is the smallest form factor motherboard on our list. It is a mini-ITX motherboard that uses the LGA 1200 CPU socket to provide support for the 10th and 11th generations of Intel processors. Although this mini-ITX motherboard is short in certain capabilities due to its small size, it packs enough of a punch that you could easily turn it into a rather serious gaming machine by adding a high-end graphics card and an 11th-generation Intel CPU.

Despite its compact size, the MPG B560I allows you access to a full-length PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, two M.2 slots, two DDR4 RAM slots, and four ports for SATA 2.5 and 3.5″ storage discs.

Even though you have to make concessions when working with this form factor, we still felt pretty good about how far we could push the board and what components we could instal onto it. This motherboard was great for the challenge of building the perfect mini-ITX gaming system, and we found it to be an excellent choice. We were happy to have access to a reinforced PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, and with the pairing of the top-end of the 11th generation of Intel CPUs, we were able to stress test this motherboard with a 3080 Ti and a Core i9-11900K CPU. Overall, we were pleased with the performance of this motherboard and would recommend it to others.

Even with a slight boost of the CPU to 5.0 GHz, everything ran just fine, despite the fact that temperatures rose to uncomfortable levels. Therefore, despite the fact that the motherboard has a restricted amount of space, it runs magnificently, and the only thing that is possibly going to limit you is the storage possibilities, as there is just one M.2 slot that operates at PCIe 4.0– However, in general, we were pleased to find four SATA connectors and two M.2 connections on a mini-ITX motherboard.

On the other hand, the offerings that came from the rear I/O of the MPG B560I left us feeling a little underwhelmed. The MPG B560I only has five USB Type-A ports, but after that, the options become significantly more appealing. In addition to the standard DisplayPort and HDMI ports as well as dedicated audio jacks, you have a single ultra-fast USB Type-C port. There is still a significant amount of unused real estate on the rear I/O, and we got the impression that MSI might have included an additional USB port or two, as well as a S/PDIF port.

The link to the internet is one of the many outstanding features. This motherboard comes equipped with Wi-Fi 6E, which will be the industry standard for the fastest Wi-Fi networking in 2023, as well as a 2.5 Gbps ethernet port, which will allow for an extremely quick wired internet connection. You can take use of the internet connections that are currently accessible to be the quickest ones there are, regardless of whether you use a wired or wireless connection (or both).

The voltage regulator module (VRMM) heatsinks are the components that are most noticeable at first glance due to the fact that space on a mini-ITX motherboard is severely constrained and restricted. However, in comparison to many other mini-ITX motherboards, these heatsinks are on the smaller side. Furthermore, despite the fact that they are able to dissipate heat adequately, we were not overly impressed by their performance.

According to our testing, this motherboard was capable of supporting the highest-end Intel processors from the 11th generation. However, in order to do that, you would seriously require a case that is designed with airflow optimization in mind. And because there are only three fan headers, you might want to consider using liquid cooling instead. This little motherboard will need a robust cooling system if you intend to overclock it or instal higher-end components, and you only have three fan headers to work with.

In conclusion, the MSI MPG B560I Gaming Edge Wi-Fi is a superb mini-ITX motherboard that, for a very reasonable price, offers outstanding performance as well as good connectivity options. There are a few noteworthy shortcomings, but nothing that should prevent you from making a high-end, small gaming PC. In addition, the internet options are superb. For less than 200 dollars, this is THE board for the 10th and 11th generation of Intel CPUs.


  • Excellent value for money performance
  • Can accommodate high-end processors Excellent overclocking results for such a compact form factor
  • Outstanding RAM and storage configurations
  • High-quality, compact construction
  • PCIe 4.0 x16 full-length reinforced slot
  • There are a lot of fans and RGB headers (for a mini-ITX board)
  • Excellent internet connectivity
  • On the back I/O panel, there are just five USB ports.
  • Only one PCIe 4.0 M.2 drive is supported.


8. ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming II
”Honorable Mention” – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200




Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 | Chipset: AMD B450 | Memory Support: 4x DIMM DDR4, Up to 4.400 MHz (O.C), Max 128 GB | PCI-e Slots: 3x PCIe x16, 2x PCIe x1 | Storage Support: 2x M.2, 6x SATA 6Gb/s Ports | Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort | Warranty: 3 Years



Our Rating: 9.3/10

The ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II from ASUS is an ATX form factor motherboard that makes use of AMD’s AM4 socket. This motherboard was designed with AMD builders working with a limited budget in mind. This motherboard is from an earlier generation than the majority of the other motherboards on this list; nonetheless, it is now available at an excellent price point and is considered to be one of the best beginner motherboards available for less than $200.

The B450-F continues to offer an excellent value when compared to its cost and its level of performance. This low-cost ATX motherboard from ROG provides you with access to two M.2 slots, three full-size PCIe 3.0 x16 speed slots, and a rather slick looking design, all while costing less than $200.

The Strix B450-F has fewer high-end features than competing products, but its pricing is significantly lower. Even so, this motherboard gives you everything you require to begin gaming as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t expect to be able to use the most high-end components with it because it just comes with the basics. The Strix B450-F provides you with access to three full-length PCIe 3.0 x16 speed slots, dual M.2 ports for solid-state drives, and six SATA connections for 2.5″ and 3.5″ storage devices. Additionally, the Strix B450-F comes with dual M.2 ports for solid-state drives.

It is important to keep in mind that everything presented here operates on the PCIe 3.0 bandwidth rather than the PCIe 4.0 bandwidth, which is more typical in practically every motherboard presented on this list. PCIe 4.0 devices are much more commonplace in the year 2023; however, if you are a budget builder and gamer, you will probably want to opt for PCIe 3.0 devices due to the increase in cost that came with the PCIe 4.0 interface. This is because PCIe 4.0 devices require a higher bandwidth, which in turn requires a higher cost.

As was to be expected, the back I/O panel doesn’t offer much in the way of excitement. It is wonderful that there are dedicated audio jacks in addition to HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, as well as seven USB Type-A connections, one USB Type-C port, and a PS/2 port for your mouse and keyboard. In addition, there is just one USB Type-C port.

However, the Strix B450-F does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth built in, so if you want to connect to a wireless network, you will need to buy and instal a Wi-Fi card on your own. Bluetooth is also absent from the Strix B450-F. And in addition to that, you only get 1 Gigabit Ethernet, which isn’t the end of the world by any means, but it is a far cry from the ordinary 2.5 Gbps that you typically receive in the sub-$200 pricing bracket.

When we looked at the motherboard itself, we found that the ROG STRIX style that was included on the B450-F was really appealing. In addition to a sufficient quantity of RGB, the board features a few ROG embellishments here and there. On top of that, we were pleased to discover that there were six fan headers included, which is more than enough to keep your components cool even during prolonged hours of intense gaming or overclocking. If you have other ASUS peripherals that you wish to connect together for an RGB configuration, you will be happy to know that ASUS supplies a suite of RGB headers that are all compatible with ASUS Aura Sync.

Anyone that utilises an older Ryzen processor might benefit from purchasing the B450-F Gaming II as their next budget-friendly ATX motherboard. With their software suite and BIOS, ASUS has made it quite simple to increase the speed of both the central processing unit (CPU) and the memory on this motherboard. Even though the B450-F is lacking in the most recent features and includes a PCIe standard that is now two generations behind, this board is still a superb value board for anybody who is wanting to put together a budget build using outdated components.


  • Excellent overall performance
  • ROG aesthetics with RGB lighting
  • High-quality building
  • There are numerous expansion slots.
  • Excellent RAM and storage arrangement
  • Is overclockable with robust power delivery and a variety of fan header and liquid-cooling choices.
  • There are numerous USB ports.
  • The board is based on the obsolete PCIe 3.0 standard.
  • There is no built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, only Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Much better alternatives are available at this price bracket.



Purchasing Guide – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

Choosing the best gaming motherboard when you’re establishing a gaming PC is rather a confusing procedure. Choosing the best gaming headset under $200requires more attention.

The motherboard that you will be picking up will supply the power to each port that’s connected. So, keeping a keen eye on minor details such as pc dimensions, the amount of ports that you want to plug , the CPU socket or the chipset defines what kind of chip you can install inside.

Here’s the buying guide That You Ought to consider while purchasing the best gaming headset under $200

Principles – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200
Chipsets, Size of Board & Connector and ports

Suppose you are looking for a simple motherboard that has the differences between motherboard sizes, mouse, ports features, chipsets, and RAM slots which you find on the motherboard fundamentals. Here you may deeply try to find the complexities of plank details, characteristics, and motherboard layouts so that you’ll just get to understand what you are going after.

Just how much to spend on the motherboard?

The costs may range upwards from $50 to $1000 for top-notch premium boards that encourage high-end desktops chips. Here is a rough idea of the features of motherboards in accordance with their price range.

Up-to $100

You can get planks with overclocking features for AMD chips in this range, even with the superior, last-generation X370. But if you are looking for intel chips, then you’re going to receive stock speeds. It depends upon the costs; you can find a multitude of features, such as Wi-Fi.

Up-to $150

You will need to see some AMD boards. You might even get AMD motherboard with a higher-end chipset in this range which also premium features like RGB Wi-Fi and lighting support.

Up-to $200

Coming up into a higher range, you can get to see a more higher-end motherboard that offers heatsinks, RGB lightings, and a better power phase with Voltage regulation modules (VRMs). You can even find a better port choice in this range.

CPU to utilize with the motherboard

The CPU that you’re likely to use on this motherboard directly impacts the functioning of your system.

By way of example, if you’re using an Intel 10th gen center chip, then the very best motherboard you’ll be able to pair this up with is LGA 1200 socket. The older gen processors need boards using an LGA 1151 socket.

When using AMD makes a process a bit easier and less confusing, the organization still uses the AM4 pockets all of its existing gen-chips, from Athlons to the 16-core Ryzen 9 components.

The dimensions of the motherboard

ATX: it’s the standard and gives the most place and space for slots and plugs.
Ports that you might need

Here are some ports That You Ought to have in your motherboard

There are fewer chances to have more than one USB 3.1 port, since they are quick and work with the majority of the peripherals.

USB 2 interface

Slower, but these ports are adequate for mouse and other devices.

USB 3.1/3.2 Gen Two

This interface can provide 10Gbps of bandwidth that is double click the USB 3.1 USB port.

Another modern port may be either USB 3.1 gen or USB Gen 2 that’s compatible with newer devices and supports new phones.

HDMI port

You’ll require these ports if you want to use integrated graphics.

Audio ports

If you would like to join analog speakers or headphones, then these ports in helpful.

Thunderbolt port

These ports are uncommon to find in motherboards, but some top-notch motherboards carry them through dedicated add-on cards. This sort of motherboard provides the fastest rate , up to 40Gbps.

FAQs – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

Which manufacturer has the most dependable motherboards?

It isn’t easy to select just one, as all of them have their benefits and features.

Exactly what does a fantastic motherboard do?

Every function of your computer depends on motherboards, and that means you want a fantastic motherboard for much better performance.

What the most important difference between a gaming motherboard and a normal motherboard?

The gaming motherboard is significantly more efficient and provides you greater performance capacity and overclocking capability. You do not have to see these in a normal motherboard.

Wrapping up – Best Gaming Motherboards Under 200

So, here are the very best gaming motherboards below $200. As you probably already know, that motherboard will have a direct impact on the operation gaming experience. Moreover, in addition, it plays a very important part in choosing what elements you can use on your computer build. Remember that in the event you choose a cheaper model, you’ll get limited features.

Now you know it’s an significant part your personal computer, so be sure you invest your money in the correct motherboard. And do not forget to browse our purchasing guide to find a fantastic idea about what features you want in your motherboard.

A Few Parting Words
After all of this information has been shown to you, the following is a list of the eight most outstanding motherboards that can be purchased on the market for less than $200. Always make sure that you buy a motherboard depending on your budget as well as the requirements of your CPU, and try your best to stay away from spending more money on the motherboard than you did on the CPU.

We really hope that the information contained on this list will be of use to you in coming to an educated conclusion about the motherboard that should be purchased for the next iteration of your build. You are more than welcome to tell us in the section for comments which of these motherboards is your top option. You are also more than welcome to ask any questions that you might have for us. Your feedback is always welcomed, and we look forward to reading it.

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